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Chain link Fencing & Creation of 4 wheeler Parking - Guide for Facility Managers
Road Widening - 4 Wheeler Parking Creation - Chain Link Fencing

Project Completion Date: February 2015
Project Value: Rs. 78 Lacs / INR 7,800,000 / US $ 124,000 (without tax)
Project Planning, Designing & Implementation: Jaidip Dasmahapatra
Project Team Size: 2

Project Summary: 3,800 Sq.M Bitumen Surface carpeting with seal coat & Chain link fencing 350 M long with area of 650 SqM approx


With the shifting of office personnel from the old facility to the new facility at GK I – there was a requirement for:

  • Increasing the 4-wheeler parking capacity at GK I campus 
  • Widening the approach road from Outer Ring Road to the new facility at GK I
  • Road lighting along the road as well as in the Parking area
  • Re-laying of the approach road
  • Proper rain water drainage in the Parking area to stop accumulation of rain water during monsoon

The presence of Guest House and Residential Quarters on one side of the approach road from Outer Ring Road to New IDC GK I just did not give a proper Corporate campus ambiance to our internal and external customers for which:

  • It was decided to install chain link fencing on one the side of road

Steps taken

  • The space in front of the ‘Bandwidth Block’ adjacent to the 2-wheeler parking space was converted to 4-wheeler parking
  • The space between ‘Bandwidth Block’ and ‘Cafeteria’ was also converted to 4 – wheeler parking
  • The approach road from Outer Ring Road was also widened
  • New Street lights installed along the approach Road as well as in the newly created 4-wheeler parking space
  • Proper Rain water drainage system has also been installed to stop accumulation of rain water in Parking area during monsoon 

Challenges faced while executing the Project

  • The Road alignment not being straight - the chain link fencing also had to be adjusted; Electrical and Optical cables running underground it inevitably came under the foundation when we did the initial layout; The layout had to be changed frequently after the digging work commenced for foundation
  • There was an underground diesel pipeline feeding the Old International Data Center from the Diesel storage tank which came in way of the road extension part. We had to take proper care of the diesel pipeline. We prepared small ht brick wall approx. 1 Ft ht along the pipeline on both sides and filled the same with sand before laying stone and and binding material to prepare the sub-base and base
  • The Ground level along the Road side was also different for stretches – but our aim was to maintain the uniformity of the height of the chain link fencing throughout; To achieve this we had to modify the foundation depth or had to do extra welding works
Images during the Construction of the Project

Base preparation during the project
Digging done to protect the diesel pipeline during the Road Extension
Road extension work
Pre-mix surface carpeting is being done


The Main Road in the Campus being extended

New Car Parking in front of 'Bandwidth Block' being created

Car Parking in front of 'Bandwidth Block' being created
Car Parking in front of 'Bandwidth Block'
Car Parking between Cafeteria & 'Bandwidth Block'
New Park for 'Residential Staff Quarters' being created
Chain Link Fencing in front of Guest House
Chain Link Fencing along the volleyball ground
Car Parking at Night
Car Parking at Night
Newly installed street lights at night along the main road

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